Golf Tournament

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Edison High School Art Solz/Frank Rog 

34th  Annual Golf Tournament

July 29, 2019

Golf Tournament group photo



Tommie Golfer






First and very importantly, we will continue to remember Art Solz from the Class of 1955 for the contributions he made toward founding The Edison Community & Sports Foundation some 30 years ago. Throughout his life he was committed to Edison high School and the Northeast Community. He was one of the early and very active Foundation Board members.  Art passed away in 1991. He was a good athlete in the 50’s and an Edison Hall of Fame recipient.

This year, we also want to remember another alumnus that was an Edison Hall of Fame athlete at Edison and a Distinguished Alumni with deep roots and passion for the Northeast Community. His name was Frank Rog from the Class of 1950. Frank was one of the original Foundation Board members. He passed away in 2014. In memory of their dad,  some of Frank’s family members will help with the tournament.

Through the work of the Board Members past and present and many additional volunteers, the Edison Community and Sports Foundation (ECSF) supports Edison High School with scholarships for deserving students and funding for other worthwhile programs within the school and the Northeast Community. This year the tournament is being organized by a group of Alums from the 1950’s era.

The Art Solz/Frank Rog Memorial Golf Tournament will be held this year at Columbia Golf Course on July 29, 2019. This is the golf course where many of the Edison Alumni learned to play their first golf and some even earned their summer money as caddies.

As always, we are planning many fun events and contests. After golfing and some socializing, there will be a buffet dinner served by a local Northeast Restaurant Caterer. The dinner will be followed by awards & distribution of some great prizes.

We know that many of our Alumni and friends will want to participate in this “best tournament ever”.  We recommend early registration to be sure there will be a spot for you. There will also be the option available for non-golfers to join in this fun event by registering for dinner only! 

Please mail or email your names in your foursome to

John Vandermyde
2514 Benjamin St NE.
Minneapolis, MN.  55418