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Established in 1983, the Edison Community & Sports Foundation consists of Edison High School alumni, and community who originally organized to honor coaches and past athletes while building scholarship funds for Edison High School students. Today's Foundation has expanded to support Edison High School in a broader spectrum while keeping the past connected to the future. To learn more, please visit the About Us page. If you are interested in a membership, complete the form on the Register to Receive News & Information page and select "yes" at the bottom of the form.

The Edison Community & Sports Foundation is seeking a part-time Administrative Assistant.
This position assists the Foundation with clerical support and is the main contact. Primary responsibilities include meeting minutes/agenda, updating of the website and social media as well as a quarterly newsletter. Flexible schedule, will train.
To apply: Submit cover letter and resume to EdisonCSF@aol.com
or mail to -
Edison Community & Sports Foundation
P.O. Box 68032
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October 2014 the Edison Community & Sports Foundation received a check for $100,000.00 from the NFL and their charitable foundation partner Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC).



Their generous donation is helping to initiate the complete renovation of the Edison athletic field, transforming it into the “greenest” high school field in the nation serving football, soccer and track.
This one-of-a-kind “green” field is just the latest in a series of high-profile improvements to the Edison High School campus that have been made possible by generous donations from partner organizations like the NFL and other neighborhood and local environmental groups that have worked to support a strong future for Edison in Northeast. Additional improvements are designed for them, including a community gateway/concession area on the east side of the field and a “Wall of Fame” adjacent to the bleachers.Now is the time to join these partners and show your support for Edison High School and the Northeast community and help complete this project. So many people feel the importance of advancing a great Edison. This is an opportunity for the alumni, with our passion for the Blue & Gold and our deep sense of gratitude for the opportunities and memories Edison afforded us, to advance and sustain the work being done here that is both visible and significant.  Large donors may contact E.C.S.F. to inquire about naming and recognition opportunities



The ECSF Board of Directors is pleased to announce that we are working with Edison High School to transform Room 104 into the new Edison Alumni Room.  The Edison Alumni Room will be located on the north end of the school on the left hand side as you walk in the entrance doors off of 22nd Avenue.  The Edison Alumni Room will house Edison memorabilia, including a complete set of Wizard yearbooks, copies of past Edison Record Newspapers, uniforms from the past, the Distinguished Alumni award winners, trophies, and other Edison mementos as we locate them and as Alumni come forth to donate memorabilia they have been saving for just such a place as this will be.  We envision this room as a comfortable gathering place for Alumni and the community to come together to meet, enjoy, reflect on the past, and plan for the future.  It will include comfortable chairs and tables for small or large group meetings, modern audio and visual equipment, a small kitchen area, and restroom facilities included within the space.  We expect that it will be available for use by Alumni groups. Stay tuned for further updates and how you can help make this project a reality that all Alumni will enjoy and be proud of.  If you would like to make contributions of memorabilia or financial support, you may do so by contacting the Edison Community & Sports Foundation through our website at www.edisonsportsfoundation.org or email us at edisoncsf@aol.com.  Thanks in advance for your support!




Edison Alumni RoomEdison Alumni Room

Edison High School Parking Lot

Picture of the unveiling of Phase 1 of the NE Green Light Project. Check out the SE corner of the Edison Parking lot. While you are there, you should note a portion of the alley was vacated and turned into a rain garden.

Edison Green Light Project
























Dream With Me                                                                     by Niles Schulz

I came to Edison and Northeast in 1966 and found myself in a school and community that was like a hidden gem.  The luster of the school and of the community shone to those who lived in Northeast and those who wanted to live in Northeast.  The community took great pride and supported its school, and the school mirrored Northeast’s belief that honest effort would lead to future success.  Pride of neighborhood and school ran deep.

It is no mystery that the gem of Northeast/Edison motivated the formation of the ECSF.  Twenty-six years ago a group of former student/athletes wanted to memorialize the legacy of Pete Guzy; their teacher, coach, and mentor.  On February 7, 1984, the founders established as the foundation’s mission three specific goals: 1. to strengthen and expand our scholarship and scholastic efforts, 2. to consider proposals which enrich the athletic experience for Edison Community Students, 3. to support other educational, and school-related activities in the Edison community as the Board deems appropriate and financially feasible

Since its beginnings the ECSF has given over $1,000,000 in scholarships, facility enhancements, and community building.  Just in the year 2012, ECSF has sponsored or been deeply involved in events like the 90th Year Reunion week, the neighborhood BBQ (attended by over 2000 people),  support for the Alumni Band and Eastside Parade.  We continue to sponsor the Annual Spring Dinner, the Hall of Fame Ceremony, and the Art Solz Golf Tournament.   And obviously we shall continue to award scholarships to deserving Edison grads.

At the recent 90th reunion, Ruben Wenzel—the legendary English teacher—told me that when he was asked why he drove by 6 schools to get to Edison; he stated, “It is Northeast and Edison, and I cannot imagine a better place.” At the 90th Reunion’s  Saturday evening gathering, many of his former students lined up to visit with Mr. Wenzel, now 87 years old and retired for 27 years.  It was a joy for him and his former students.

My years on the Foundation Board have provided me with some great experiences.  Among the greatest is participating in the interviewing of candidates for our scholarship awards.  It is an experience that I wish for everyone who may read this article.  These are great young people.  Many have overcome incredible obstacles and prevailed.  I wish that we could give them more support—in their school experiences and with their financial needs.  While we will continue to do what we can, we are always looking for help, from involvement in our activities to financial support to simply participating in the Northeast/Edison community.

The support needs at Edison High School have gone beyond the extras.   In my opinion, Edison (and all Northeast schools) are burdened with providing triple the level of support as was expected twenty years ago.  Unfortunately, available funding has not risen at the same rate as costs.   The ECSF works hard to provide support for all programs at Edison that challenge students to grow and prosper as community members.  We promote the school whenever possible and provide assistance to maintain and enhance the Edison tradition and story of success.

One of our goals is to establish an endowment fund which would create an assurance that support for Edison High School, and all the schools that serve the Northeast community, would continue and grow far into the future.  Likewise, the ECSF will continue to support the Northeast community, which has always  welcomed and nurtured diversity in the belief that  honest effort would lead to future success. 

While we welcome your financial support, giving is not only a money thing.  We can all support Edison High by attending any of the many events and programs sponsored by the school and the ECSF.  We request your help.   Edison and Northeast deserve our support and payback.  Let us-- Edison graduates, friends of Edison, former and current residents of Northeast—together set the standard.  Dream with me.  It is our future.  We need everyone to help.


1978 Edison High School Band
1978 Edison High School BandBe sure to like our Facebook page at Edison Community & Sports Foundation.

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